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Our Viral Video

Hey, that video has gone viral, it is going viral, I always wondered how people videos go viral. My heart also wish to do something that should happen to us.
I used to keep thinking like this. Since childhood we are told that any one thing said in 24 hours is definitely going to true. I participated in the lovely moment challenge of Momspresso, in which we had to upload videos of my our family's lovely moments.
I also uploaded my cute video, in that video my husband came back from Germany after 2 weeks official tour. The children were waiting impatiently for 2 weeks. I love capturing every moment whether it is dancing or funny or emotional everyone in the camera. So I thought I should capture the moment of meeting some children and their father.
I told my husband that when you reach near the door, give me a call or drop a message so that I will ask my children to open the door. Everything was set, children did not know that their father is going to come today. I was also very happy. In a while, my husband opened the door, the bell rang and I opened the camera and started making videos. Tell children open the door My daughter opened the door and she was so happy to see her father, that she became emotional and stopped. We did not know she would cry like this. It was emotional.
I posted the same video in the challenge, the challenge was also a winner and along with that the video went viral. Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter and LinkedIn started going viral everywhere. Still after 1 year it's again blooming. That was such a beautiful video of father and his kids.


  1. It is indeed a very heart touching video. Everytime I watch it I can feel the joy of coming back to home and love and happiness of everyone so well expressed. ❤❤

  2. So sweet! no wonder it is going viral... it is always hard on kids to be away from their parents, so the homecoming must have need a very special moment for them.


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